ReliaSpeak™ Voice Encryption Technology

ReliaSpeak™ voice encryption solution, based on the advanced AMSI Modem technology, integrating high-quality voice coding algorithm, high security level cryptography algorithm, and efficient data communication protocol to support two operating modes of high reliable and high real-time data transmission, achieves functions of digital channel training, encryption key exchange, digital voice coding encryption, and data communication. This kind of solution adopts digital voice encryption technology to achieve encryption intercommunication between all types of telephone terminals such as landline phones, mobile phones, satellite phones and so on both at home and abroad.

digital encryption

Digitally compresses and codes the user’s speech firstly, then encrypts and modulates the encoded data. The encrypted speech is the same as “white noise”. There is no residual speech information at all compared with the analogue voice encryption products, which can fundamentally shield possibility of attacking voice weakness using audio analysis by eavesdropper.

High level cryptography strength

Use ECDH and 3DES (CTR mode) algorithm. The key is altered twice per second or more, and will not be repeated even if a call is over 4 hours.

End-to-end protection

Achieve end-to-end encryption communication in a variety of standard voice channels without any special line or operation and maintenance supports of any third-party service providers, and secret keys are entirely self-managed, that avoids the incidents caused by service providers’ intentions or management vulnerabilities.

Applicable to all types of voice communication

In an encrypted call using ReliaSpeak™ products, voice is encrypted and modulated firstly, and is sent to the general voice terminal to take regular process. There is no need to do with phone equipment and lines. It can be applied to mobile phones, landline phones, VoIP, intercoms, shortwave/ultrashort wave radio, voice messaging, etc., to achieve full coverage of communication types.

Encrypted voice communication cross-network

Most of secure telephone systems use digital encryption technology at present, for example: encrypted landline telephones is based on Modem communication technique, encrypted VoIP telephone system, and the CS domain encryption mobile phones are provided by network operators and so on. All those systems can only be applied to a certain type of equipments, but cannot intercommunicate cross-network. The fundamental reason is that different types of telephone systems use different communication mechanism and methods, it’s hard to establish a unified standard data communication channel between all system terminals.

ReliaSpeak™ technique is able to achieve digital encryption communication over the ordinary voice channel, and has broken the data intercommunication bottleneck caused by different terminal equipment, communication technology standard, operators and other factors. It is the only practical solution currently all over the world, that is able to achieve digital encrypted voice intercommunicate cross-network, which can really do: if can communicate by voice, encrypted voice can also.

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