ReliaSpeak™ TEC100
Landline Encryptor

A new generation of landline encryption product, Guard-style design,
supports ordinary 2-wire or 4-wire analog phone...

A new generation of landline
encryption product

Using AMSI modem technology to transmit encrypted speech encoded data, It avoids the phenomenon of higher failure rate of digital channel establishment and frequent interruption of encrypted calls using the traditional Modem technology. Integrated high-quality voice coding, environmental noise cancellation, and line echo cancellation technology for a clear and smooth encrypted voice experience.

reliable cALL privacy protection

Protecting against any form of line eavesdropping

Compatible with the ReliaSpeak™ SEM1 Crypto Phone

Make encrypted communication between landline and mobile phone possible

Easy to use

No settings, Plug and play


Voice Encryption algorithm3DES, CTR mode
Key exchange algorithmECDH
Voice coding2.4kbps/1.2kbps adaptive
Switching time<10 seconds
Speech enhancementnoise suppression, echo cancellation
line interfaceRJ11
Phone interfaceRJ11
Dimension110 x 80 x 25mm, 300g
Power supply5V/1A Specified power adapter
Operating environment0°C to +60°C

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