ReliaSpeak™ SEM1

Digital voice encryption, Support for GSM/UMTS voice, VoLTE,
and VoIP encrypted calls

How is encrypted call implemented?

ReliaSpeak™ Crypto Phone integrates ReliaSpeak™ digital voice encryption technology. During encrypted calls, it first compresses and encrypts the user’s voice, and uses advanced AMSI modulation technology to convert the encrypted digital voice stream into an analog audio signal, which is then handed over to the telephone program for speech coding and cellular network communication, thereby, implements a source-level end-to-end encrypted call that is independent of the voice channel.

SECURE COMMUNICATION privacy protection

Protecting against cellular network eavesdropping and Trojan eavesdropping

Using your own Cryptographic Algorithms

Meets your specific security requirement


Customer can develop all security solutions including key management, key exchange, encryption algorithm, etc.


We provided a framework, API documentation, and some executable source code. Customer only needs to develop a corresponding system service or apps according to the provided program framework and run it in the specified path to implement algorithm replacement.


Customers can verify whether the voice is encrypted by their own key and algorithm through a simple communication test.

Encrypted calls anytime, anywhere

Whenever and wherever you are, you can find a suitable way to make encrypted calls, including 2G/3G cellular voice, VoLTE or public VoIP


Make Encrypted calls to Landline

Compatible with the ReliaSpeakTM Landline Encyptor, Make encrypted communication between landline and mobile phone possible.

Easy to Use

No registration, no setup, direct use


General Parameters

Encrypted calls function


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