At present, the mainstream digital crypto telephones are mostly based on the traditional Modem technology, but with the softswitch technology in the fixed-line network applications popularization, the situation of lower building chain success rate and connection interrupting are gradually more and more often.

Modem technology is to transmit data based on analog voice channel, the correctness of the transmission data requirements are higher, while the real-time requirements are low, chain building will fail once the error occurred. In order to ensure the correctness of the data, when the transmission error rate is high, Modem will re-negotiate, and the communication process will be   interrupted. These problems are hardly to bear for voice communication.

AMSI, the technology original developed by RLSpeak Company, well solved problems above. In addition to be able to make a secure call between landlines, you can also communicate with mobile phones with the use of MEC, this is the only product realized end-to-end encryption communication between landlines and mobile phones using digital encryption technology both in domestic and abroad.