Product Development Services

Flexible technical cooperation program

With the fully understanding of the special needs and security concerns of customers in different industries, we are committed to provide the best voice communication security solutions for industries customers and users based on the advanced AMSI technology and complete voice encryption solution, to help customers quickly develop their own voice communication security products which are in line with business needs and highly competitive.

Mobilephone Encryption Communication Integration

not changing the original mobile phone hardware platform, to realize the encryption communication function based on traditional voice channels of 2G, 3G, and VoLTE and the standard public VoIP applications by integrating RLSpeak encryption communication SDK.

Product Customized Development

Universal encryption communication products cannot meet your needs? Or any better ideas? We will evaluate the feasibility and technical risk of your program professionally, and work with you to achieve product targets.

Custom Cryptographic Algorithms and Security Protocols

Security must be self-control for some special industry customers. To this end, we will provide a series of standard interfaces that the specified security hardware or algorithm can be replaced, and you can develop the security features such as key management and key exchange independently.

Technical Solution Authorization

For developers with technical strength, we provide ReliaSpeak™ voice encryption module design and authorization to help you quickly developing related products, and with fully freedom and autonomy on design.

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