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RLSpeak™ Company unveiled “ITU .2016 World Telecommunication Show”, Voice encryption solution was well received

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[ November 20th, 2016 RLSpeakTM Company Bangkok. Thailand ]

The 2016 World Telecommunication Show hosted by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) was a grand opening at the IMPACT International Exhibition & Convention Center in Bangkok.

The exhibition brought together more than 8800 participants from government leaders and communications industry from all over the world. Thai Princess Sirindhorn, Thai Prime Minister Pakistani, Secretary General of the International Telecommunication Union Mr., delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. Zhao Houlin said:” from the high-level forum debate to the dazzling exhibition hall activities, the ITU World Telecommunication Show has been successfully transformed into a truly inclusive international platform for small and medium-sized enterprises to compete with the global government and industry leaders.” The Telecom Show covers a wide range of topics, including 5G, achieving the next one billion users, digital financial services, digitalizing  Nigeria, digital economy of the third network services, and so on. National exhibition groups are also presented with excellent technical demonstrations and products on display. The show was brilliant, playing a far-reaching significance for the advancement of communication technology and the strategic cooperation between countries.

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In recent years, China’s telecommunications field are proud of the world-renowned achievements in the rapid development from technology to products. The Chinese exhibitors received special attention from leaders and enterprises during the show. Beijing ReliaspeakTM Information Technology Co., Ltd., as a professional R & D enterprise engaged in “voice communications security technology and product solutions”, displayed the digital voice encryption series of products based on original AMSI Modem technology, including: cell phone, landline, intercoms, Wechat and other encryption products and solutions, what presented “a feast of seeing and hearing” for the national leaders and enterprises.


Development and Challenge
So in today’s booming information, human has crossed the earth with equatorial circumference of 40,075.13Km, the time and space distance. No matter where you are in the earth, can communicate and contact with colleagues, families, and friends efficiently, all of our information and communication have been better carried and interacted. However, without time to react, attack and steal methods in a variety of purposes on data and voice information are out of imagination, which made us anxious and fearful. Voice as the main means of communication, experiencing a huge security challenge.

Looking back, even ten years ago, if you want to intercept someone else’s call content to get information, the only way is to track or break into to install a bug on their phone, or install the surveillance camera, which can intercept others information illegally but also face a high risk. The event of “Water Gate scandal”, a few stupid buddies made a laugh, became a joke for a long time.

RLSpeakTM – If can communicate by voice, encrypted voice can also
RLSpeakTM team, with the years of research, firstly solve the difficult industries problem of balancing between security and application by original AMSI Modem technology. The digital voice encryption technology based on high-intensity, has achieved encryption communication cross-network, cross-standard, cross-devices, which create a indestructible encrypted voice channel for users.

In exhibition, RLSpeakTM encryption intercommunication solution between mobile phone and landline is the most concerned. In fact, for enterprises and office scenes, fixed-line phone still has an irreplaceable position, although the mobile network has become a strong mainstream communications. Therefore, the encryption intercommunication between mobile network and landline has a very important significance, which can fully meet the various of types of communication environment in the call privacy protection needs.


Intelligent intercommunication, world interconnection, security first
New era, new challenges, new opportunities, RLSpeakTM Company is willing to join forces from all social circles, providing reliable voice communications security solutions for the global users, responding various security challenges effectively!


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