What is the main voice encryption technology?

At present, voice encryption technology is mainly divided into analog voice encryption and digital voice encryption in two ways. Analog voice encryption is also called analogue scrambling, which turn the intelligible signal into unintelligible by destructing the original feature of speech through the voice signal frequency domain scrambling, time domain scrambling or a mixture [...]

What are the commonly used voice communication vocoders?

Mobile communication: The GSM vocoder is RPE-LTP (coding rate for the full rate FR is 13Kb/s, half rate HR is 5.6Kb/s, enhanced full rate EFR is 12.2Kb/s) The WCDMA vocoder is AMR (coding rate is 12.2Kb/s) The VOLTE vocoder is AMR-WB (coding rate is 23.85Kb/s) The Telecommunication CDMA and CDMA2000 vocoders are EVRC (3 [...]

What will effect the encrypted call chain building time?

The time of encrypted call chain building is related to the amount of data that is required to transmit for the key exchange in the selected key agreement protocol. The larger the amount of data to be transmitted, the longer the chain building time needed.

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