Which mobile phone brands are supported by MEC?

RLSpeakTM MEC supports domestic and international brands of mobile phones, including Apple, Samsung, Huawei, MI, etc., even secure mobile phones and operator custom phones, as long as a Bluetooth-enabled. The quality of encrypted voice will be slightly different during communicating due to the difference of noise cancellation and echo cancellation debugged on different brands [...]

Which operators does RLSpeak™ MEC support?

China Mobile and China Unicom are available in domestic, and can intercommunicate. Not only that, you can make an encrypted call through the operators abroad, as long as the coding rate is the same as GSM/WCDMA above 8Kb/s. The EVRC vocoder with a maximum speed of only 8Kb/s is adopted by the Telecom coding standard [...]

What is the operators or hackers intercepted when communicating use the MEC?

The operators or hackers intercept in air is the voice signal that is coded, baseband modulated and emitted by mobile phones, where is called “white noise” commonly, which is encrypted and modulated by MEC and transmitted to the mobile phone via Bluetooth. Simply, the message whether operators or hackers intercept in air is the encrypted [...]

What are the factors related to voice quality using a MEC to make an encrypted call?

The voice quality of the encrypted communication using MEC is mainly affected by the function of noise cancellation and echo cancellation of the mobile phones, the voice coding rate connecting to operators, and the signal strength. The RLSpeakTM technology has reduced the impact of encrypted voice quality to a minimum: 1. Joined the anti-noise cancellation [...]

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