Mobile communication:

The GSM vocoder is RPE-LTP (coding rate for the full rate FR is 13Kb/s, half rate HR is 5.6Kb/s, enhanced full rate EFR is 12.2Kb/s)
The WCDMA vocoder is AMR (coding rate is 12.2Kb/s)
The VOLTE vocoder is AMR-WB (coding rate is 23.85Kb/s)
The Telecommunication CDMA and CDMA2000 vocoders are EVRC (3 coding rates: full rate is 8.55Kb/s, 1/2 rate is 4.0 Kb/s and 1/8 rate is 0.8Kb/s.)

landline network communication:

The PSTN network and IP phones vocoder are G.711 (coding rate is 64Kb/s)

Internet communication:

VOIP Internet phone vocoder is G.729 (coding rate is 8Kb/s)

In RLSpeakTM solution, the low-rate vocoder Codec2 (coding rate is 0.7Kb/s ~ 2.4Kb/s) is used to ensure that the voice quality can through most of the voice communication line vocoders and the bit error rate is controlled within an acceptable range.