The voice quality of the encrypted communication using MEC is mainly affected by the function of noise cancellation and echo cancellation of the mobile phones, the voice coding rate connecting to operators, and the signal strength.

The RLSpeakTM technology has reduced the impact of encrypted voice quality to a minimum:

1. Joined the anti-noise cancellation technology in MEC, can adapt to most brands of mobile phones on the market.

2. When establishing a communication connection between the mobile phone and operator, according to line load, geographical conditions and other different situations, mobile phones will negotiate with operators and get a different voice coding rate to communicate, including HR(half rate) 5.6Kb/s, FR(full rate) 13Kb/s and EFR(enhanced full rate) 12.2Kb/s. In the case of FR and EFR coding rate, the encrypted voice quality is good, but the encrypted voice quality may decline or even connection interrupted.

3. In the case of good signal strength, such as China Mobile signal strength within -90db or less, the stability of the voice call channel is better, resulting in a lower bit error rate and a better sound experience.