[ May 24th, 2016 RLSpeakTM Company Beijing. China ]

RLSpeakTM Company launched efficient portable “RLSpeakTM Mobile Phone Encryption Companion (MEC)” for government and enterprise users, supporting end-to-end cell phone digital voice encryption communication by original AMSI Modem technology. No matter in domestic or abroad, there is no need to replace phones, download software, and without operators services to achieve encrypted call easily and protect cell phone communication privacy.

With the development of mobile communication technology and the rise of all kinds of real-time voice communication software, efficient, convenient and all kinds of monitoring of mobile phone voice communication, seems to have become the coin of the two sides. Mobile phone voice security needs is not only because of the personal privacy and security threats, in the sector of involving commercial secrets and state secrets, mobile phone, this hidden “bug”, has become a major leak channel that cannot be ignored, and one of the hidden dangers of national security.

It is well known that the electromagnetic spectrum generated by the mobile phone in the process of exchanging signals with the communication network can be easily intercepted and positioned by various monitoring techniques. The intruder can obtain valuable information through voice eavesdropping without being perceived. While the superposition of the openness of the wireless channel, the lack of communication standard security, voice protection technology of their own, the promotion of wireless eavesdropping technology and other multiple factors, pushed mobile voice communications security technology to quickly upgrade.

RLSpeakTM MEC, with the support of AMSI Modem technology, using digital voice encryption technology, has unparalleled security compared with traditional analog voice encryption technology such as frequency hopping, scrambling, time domain/frequency domain scrambling. RLSpeakTM MEC is fully covered by mainstream voice communications, breaking the limits of the current range of applications for all types of encrypted telephone products, while supporting standard mobile voice calls and VoIP voice calls. By the test of authority test institutions – CTTL, “RLSpeakTM MEC” is well adapted on communication network signal, and voice communication is smooth.

MEC can easily match the various models of mobile phones just connected via Bluetooth, just press the encrypted button, to prevent all types of eavesdropping effectively to ensure call security. After connecting to the mobile phone via Bluetooth, MEC can be used independently, effectively prevent the cell phone call leak caused by infecting eavesdropping virus, and also supports switching plain/encrypted voice easily. It is worth mentioning that this RLSpeakTM MEC can be described as extremely refined simple, the matte material body is also very texture, and is very portable because of the business card size volume.

In addition, RLSpeakTM MEC supports external TF encryption card and provides an open security architecture, users can choose or develop industry-standard password algorithm and security protocols, which can realize security self-controlled.

Note: CTTL (China Telecommunication Technology Labs) was built on Nov. 9, 1981, which predecessor is the Chinese telephone reference equivalent testing center, joint approved to establish by the former State Administration of Standards and the former People’s Republic of China Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications by Document of Post Code No. 957, (1981).